A clean hive is a happy hive.

Your helper(s) will arrive with your priority checklist and leave your hive sparkling clean. We do not use bleach products and try to limit the use of chemicals. Organic supplies are available upon request. Please let us know if your helper needs to bring a vacuum for your service.

We offer 10% off weekly and biweekly recurring service. You may cancel at anytime - no contract.


Please email us at hello@yourhivehelper.com with questions or project inquiries.


General Cleaning

Bedrooms & Common Areas

  • Beds made

  • Surfaces dry dusted and table tops wiped

  • Floors cleaned

  • All trash removed and bags replaced


  • Showers and tubs scrubbed

  • Toilets scrubbed and wiped

  • Sinks, counters, and mirrors wiped

  • Floors cleaned


  • Counters, stove top, and appliance exteriors wiped

  • Microwave wiped (in/out)

  • Floors cleaned

For How Long?

These are general guidelines. Actual time will depend on the surface conditions in your home and the type of clean you desire. Your helper(s) will cover as much as possible in the amount of time purchased. 

DEEP CLEANING includes a deeper dusting and extra attention (going over surfaces multiple times) to showers/tubs, stove tops, and floors. We recommend a seasonal deep clean.

MOVE IN/OUT CLEANING includes deep clean plus wiping out the inside of drawers/cabinets, interior windows and can add interior of oven and refrigerator.

General Clean
Up to 1000 sq ft, typically takes 3 hours then one hour for every 500 sq ft

Deep Clean
Up to 1000 sq ft, typically takes 5 hours then one hour for every 250 sq ft

Move In/Out Clean
Up to 1000 sq ft, typically takes 6 hours then one hour for every 200 sq ft

Keep in mind to add additional time for:

  • dishes washed

  • laundry folded

  • bed sheets changed

  • furniture vacuumed

  • blinds wiped

  • baseboards wiped

  • cabinets wiped

  • interior windows washed

  • fridge or oven interior wiped