August 2016. While having a difficult time finding a good task service company in their hometown of Oklahoma City, the mother-daughter duo, Misty Garrett and Britta Newton-Tarron, decided to start their own. They evaluated the industry and saw an opportunity to solve shortcomings with the existing in-home service providers. They started the company by problem solving and that same commitment to improvement is integral to each aspect of the company. They sought to improve upon: the convenience of the clients ability to schedule appointments, simplifying and encouraging communication between clients and helpers, and to create an equal opportunity for any gender, race, age and background on either side of the platform. Hive Helper believes that continued prioritization of these three focuses builds a meaningful community between clients, helpers and franchisees.

Convenience. Their vision from the start was to build an application and brand that is scalable to franchisees in communities across the globe. This application facilitates stress-free booking and payment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Communication. Client feedback is key to retaining customers and growing by word of mouth. Hive Helper facilitates professional communication between clients and helpers through the app and through dedicated social media. 

Creating Opportunity. Hive Helper prioritizes upward mobility and career path management for Helpers at every level. Helpers receive continuous training and are provided opportunities to earn promotions and even new franchise ownership. Helpers are hired based on merit, experience, talent and drive and are not discriminated against for age, sex, race or background. 

Community. A strength of the company’s culture is the importance of helping one another. Every client, helper, partner and franchiser is a valued member of Team Hive.