This privacy statement applies to client/users of Hive Helper LLC and information collected about them("You") by the Hive Helper Application ("App"), provided by Hive Helper, LLC ("Company" or "We").

Personal Information

We collect personal information directly from you, for instance when you register with us, and through your transactions with us. We may occasionally obtain additional information about you from other sources. We also use common technologies, such as cookies and beacons, in our App to collect information about you.

We collect:

  • Financial information.
  • Browser history
  • Location information
  • Files stored on your device like your calendar, photos, text, or video.

Use and Sharing

We use your personal information to provide you with the services you request [and to provide offers and information regarding our products and services], and we may share your information with third-parties that we hire to help us provide products and services to you.

We do not share your information with, or sell it to, other parties without your permission. We collect information solely to provide you with the best app experience with Hive Helper. Financial information is collected to pay for services offered by Hive Helper, but is not stored in any of our databases. Browser history is collected only within the scope of our site and apps to help retain a uniform user experience. Location information is used to match clients with services close to them. We only store files and images you have uploaded, to help with app experience. These items include, but are not limited to address information, photos and application preferences. 

Your Choices


  • You may create or change your privacy preferences by editing your profile settings.
  • You may request to be completely removed from our database by emailing us at

Important Information


  • You can view our full privacy policy here

How to Contact Us


  • You may email us at