Hive Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

There’s a reason “Spring Cleaning” is the namesake of this season. With slightly warmer temps and the first glimpses of longer days, spring home maintenance is primarily about cleaning up after the mess or damage inflicted by a long, cold winter.



  • Clean the gutters and, using a water hose, make sure that they drain.

  • Check the exterior siding for damage, repair as needed.

  • When the roof is dry and safe to walk on, check shingles, flashing, and vents for damage.

  • Clean window screens.

  • Trim back trees that may deposit branches on your home. For branches near power lines, call your electric company for pruning.

  • In late spring, re-install window unit air conditioners you took out in the fall.

  • Reverse ceiling fans so that the blades rotate in a counter-clockwise direction. This will move air downward, cooling the room.

Hive Helper is a great resource when it comes to preparing your home inside and out for all seasons.

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