Preparing for your summer garden

The transition from spring to summer can be tricky to navigate when gardening - between threats of storm activity, scorching hot and humid days, and the influx of pests - it’s important to have a plan of what you envision for your summer garden.

Let’s start with what you may want to plant; it’s important to keep in mind the time it will take to keep up your garden when planting! We have been experiencing temperatures a bit higher than usual, so we’re opting for drought tolerant varieties to cut down on watering time. Some of our favorite full-sun drought tolerant perennials are: homestead purple verbena, Indian pink, siskiyou pink gaura, coneflower, autumn sage and evening primrose - all of these offer full color from spring to fall and once established, thrive on very little attention. If you’re looking for drought tolerant grasses and foliage, try planting Mexican feather grass, sedges, catmint, Japanese painted fern, or powis castle - again, all of these will come back every year when pruned properly and require little attention even in the warmest of seasons.


If you’re looking to eat from your garden - now is the perfect time to plant watermelon, eggplant, cucumber, sweet potatoes, okra, and cantaloupe. You’d be surprised at how little space is needed to start a garden! If outdoor space is slim you can opt for a raised box garden - or you can plant things like peppers, tomatoes, herbs, and eggplant in container gardens. Take note that produce in containers requires heavy watering in hot weather versus gardens directly in the ground.

Unfortunately, with the warm weather and heavy rains comes an influx of insects! While most are harmless, there are some that will take over your garden if they get the opportunity. An all-natural, do-it-yourself version of pest-repellent is to boil a bulb of garlic in water then pour the cooled garlic water along the base of the plants and soil surrounding. The bugs don’t like the garlic and they’ll soon pack up and find another home.


Above all, with all that the changing seasons ask of us in our home, it’s important you have time to enjoy it and not dwell on the mundane tasks.

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We arrive, you thrive.

Photos courtesy of Aaron Burden.