Communicating with your Helper

Hive Helper sets itself apart from other task services in that we want you to feel comfortable communicating any needs with our Helpers! We’re here to make your life easier, after all.

Below are some tips to best communicate your every need and want with your Helper to ensure a 10/10 experience, every time!

  • Be detailed about what you are expecting from your visit

    • We agree, our Helpers are pretty darn great, but, they can’t read minds - so please, don’t feel shy about voicing your needs when it comes to your service!

    • Every house is different, every appointment is unique - telling us exactly what needs some extra elbow grease will leave you happier and us with more time to do our jobs.

  • Ask us about what products we use and what you’d like to see us use

    • Have a particular allergy? Let us know.

    • Prefer all organic cleaning products? No problem!

    • Get specific, it helps us do our job better.

  • Create a checklist

    • If you’re worried about certain areas being skimmed over, or just want to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth (we get it!), leave us a checklist of what you’d like to see addressed first during your visit.

    • Be sure to put your checklist in order of priority! We only have so much time in each appointment and we want to make sure your more important issues are given adequate attention!

  • Review our terms of service

    • Were you expecting something different than you received? Get clear on the service you are scheduling and ask any questions ahead of time to avoid miscommunication or confusion!

  • Make a request

    • Need that wobbly ceiling fan switched out during your next cleaning? No job is too wild for our Helpers - we work with a handful of trusted, local, professionals to help us check off every task on your list. Inquire about pricing and scheduling before your next appointment.

  • Know where to go for help

    • We are very active across all points of social media, but email is our preferred method of contact! When you’ve been assigned to a Helper for recurring services, we will put you in direct contact with your Helper so you may reach out to them ahead of your appointment with any questions, requests, etc.

Above all, we are so lucky to be a small part of your Hive!

Inquire about recurring services, service add-ons, and more through our website!